When the subject is Buddhism, “enlightenment” means a spiritual awakening. But the Western Enlightenment has been political and social. It’s about reason, the rights of the individual citizen, and a scientific understanding of the material plane. Because the Enlightenment’s ideas were derived from the speculations of a number of individualContinue Reading

Before picking apart the entity we call Christianity, I need to establish who I believe Jesus was. There is no figure in the history of the West who’s more polarizing and less understood by both his adherents and those who disparage him. If you go to the New Age sectionContinue Reading

I’m going to be using the word enlightenment a lot in these posts, but in two different contexts where it has two different meanings. The Age of Enlightenment, sometimes called The Enlightenment Project, but more commonly just The Enlightenment, was a period in European history that is generally considered toContinue Reading