John Hanes and Paul Olguin
John Hanes and Paul Olguin

Sweet Thing
Writer: Van Morrison
Mark Bittner: vocal, acoustic rhythm guitar
Bruce Kaphan: harmonium, dulcimer, percussion
John Lee Sanders: soprano and alto sax
Paul Olguin: bass
John Hanes: drums

While I was singing on the street I met and fell in love with Diane, a student at UC Berkeley. I was deep into the Van Morrison album Astral Weeks, and so was she. “Sweet Thing” is my favorite song from the album, but it‘s another song I’d never done before and learned specifically for this project. The track isn’t finished yet. Once it is, I’ll add more details. Of what’s already been recorded, one of the most thrilling parts for me is the drive that the drummer John Hanes and the bass player Paul Olguin give the track. They’ve worked together a lot and know each other’s playing. There’s a lot more to say about this track, but that will have to wait.