Mark Bittner
Mark Bittner

The remastered, restored, 4K UHD version of the documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill will soon began a limited theatrical run. To check for dates in your city, go here.

The San Francisco Public Library chose four songs from my collection “Street Songs” for its new streaming service. To give a listen click here

The 4k remaster of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is finished and will soon go into redistribution. Click here to see the new 2023 trailer.

The 4k remaster had its first screening on August 20, 2023 at the Avalon Theater in Washington D. C. Judy and I were interviewed online by Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday after the show.

See Judy Irving’s videos of my recordings of The Beatles’ “Within You Without You,” and my own “Poppa John.” Click on the song title to watch the video.

See videos I made of three songs, “Street Song,” “The Arrow You Want,” and “I Pity the Poor Immigrant.” Click on the song title to watch its video.

Gentle Finds podcast interview with Mark: Click here!

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