More from this period of active change in May and June of 1995. My relationship with Dogen continues to improve. The mitred conure, Olive (at this point called Oliver, see photo), has shown up. She was a wild caught bird from South America who was a pet for some time.Continue Reading

It was not my intention for my diary excerpts to focus so tightly on any single period. But I find this one consistently interesting. More on Dogen and me getting to know one another. And a surprise on the last day, the 21st. 6/17/95 Saturday Dogen is not at allContinue Reading

Some more on my struggle to take care of Dogen. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m learning as I go along. He’s been quite hostile toward me (Dogen is actually female, but I don’t know that yet), and a lot of this is my trying to get us toContinue Reading

This is a continuation of the last set of entries. I’m enjoying reading again about my first days with Smith (Dogen). 6/3/95 Saturday I covered him up completely last night and left him alone until around 7:00 am. I put the heat lamp on immediately. His head hangs extremely, butContinue Reading

This is the fire escape where I fed the parrots for the first three years, before having to move to the cottage, which is directly below, but out of sight here. I fed them another three years at the cottage, which was the setting for the documentary film. I tookContinue Reading

These diary selections detail the events leading to my bringing my favorite parrot in the flock into the house. At the time her name was Smith (I initially thought she was male), which I later changed to Dogen (Doe-gun). She wasn’t my favorite bird then, but I had to careContinue Reading

A series of feedings that I find interesting as a collection. At this point in my diary keeping, the individual entries tend to be brief. They get longer and more detailed as time goes on. 3/9/95 Thursday They were unusually “crazy” and noisy today. My guess is that it wasContinue Reading

A few introductory notes: Blue was a scrub jay that I was feeding for a time. I was caretaking an estate that had two buildings. One was a small studio apartment (Greenwich, the place I lived in in the film) and the main building, where I started feeding the parrots.Continue Reading

Introductory Note: This represents a typical day of feedings. I was still new to the experience and just beginning to take liberties with touching them. If you have my book, in the back of it there are short notes on many of the individual birds named here. 1/8/95 Sunday     Continue Reading