I’ll return to the original chronology that the diary was following. But first I leap ahead to this random date. It’s November, and I’m noticing the changes in that September’s babies. A lot of names of birds I don’t remember anymore. A typical day feeding and observing.

11/10/98 Tuesday

10:00 Their first appearance of the day. It didn’t seem to be quite the full flock. There were many up at Jordan’s feeder so I couldn’t be sure. I don’t think I’ve seen Rudy for a few days. I’ll have to keep a look out. They were very skittish this feeding. I couldn’t see the reason, although it may have been someone trimming some plants on the Greenwich Steps. They kept bolting to the lines and then coming back. Anna Lee is surprisingly red. The patch on her forehead extends back quite far, and she has specks on her cheeks and even some red patches on her wings. She still is biting me when I reach into the cup. Part of the attractiveness and unusualness of Fellini is that his skull is a little larger than average and his beak a little smaller than average. He’s somewhat small. Woody’s red has increased. Both Fanny and Chester have new red as well. So does Cisco. Fellini is still entirely green, as is Eugene. Miles was on my right hand briefly, which is unusual.

12:05 feeding. It was cold and starting to drizzle just as the feeding began. They were skittish and on alert throughout the feeding. There were several birds high up on the lines putting out alarms constantly. They bolted several times up to the lines. Finally they bolted out of the area entirely. Fellini parked next to Sam once again. There was something I saw at this feeding that I’ve seen many times before, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a note of it. They will often get opened, but not completely separated shells stuck onto their beaks. It looks like a clam had clamped itself onto the beak tip. They always ignore it and just leave it there till if falls off. It looks very silly.

2:26 feeding in a cold, light rain. Hungry birds once again. Sometimes I feel nervous about putting my hand into the center of a circle of five hungry beaks. Only when I think about it though. Fanny up on my shoulder once again taking seeds from my lips. No sign of Rudy once again. Jacob is on my shoulder a lot, but I am not seeing Rudy. Maybe she’s changed her routine. Patrick is still often on my right hand, and he seemed to be mated to Rudy. Near the end of the feeding Sam, Cisco, Fellini, and Eugene were all next to each other on a branch taking seeds from me. Maybe these are all Sam’s. He and Kristine had three this year. The babies looked so…adorable sitting next to each other in the rain, still somewhat smaller than the adults, with clear, fresh, innocent eyes, and clean, bright green feathers which were coated with a light mist of rain. Scrapper was there also, and he and Sam coexisted peacefully. That will be the last feeding today. I have to go downtown. I last made a note of Rudy’s presence on Thursday. I don’t always note his presence even when he’s on my shoulder, which he is frequently. Saturday I wrote about possibly hearing a parrot in distress at the back of the compound next door. There are a number of cats back there. I’m wondering now if one of them got Rudy.

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