Introductory Note: This represents a typical day of feedings. I was still new to the experience and just beginning to take liberties with touching them. If you have my book, in the back of it there are short notes on many of the individual birds named here.

1/8/95 Sunday

Noah on the bowl

     It’s raining. They arrive late at 7:45. Leave 7:54. Connor and Catherine not present. Maybe others as well. Smith landed on my rain jacket sleeve.

     8:03 Connor and Catherine [the flock’s only blue-crowned conures] arrive alone, but they won’t come to me.

     8:17 Connor comes over to where I’m feeding, but not Catherine. At 8:45 I leave. I think that Catherine didn’t come because it would have been a new situation for her. I kept looking over at her, so she turned her back to me. Connor eat at my feet and makes me me squat to feed him. I kept giving him little strokes. Most of them he ignored except the beak strokes. I got little nips for those. I needed to go feed the neighbor’s cat and gave Connor a peanut before I left. He held it in his left as seems to be the usual case, took one bite off of it, and then just stood there looking off into space for the longest time. He didn’t seem frightened.

     11:22 the flock arrives. 11:37 they leave

     Catherine was back and hungry. It’s a rainy day. Their feathers look brown when drenched. (The whole flock was here). I can’t spot Noah–and he’s biting constantly. One of the birds chased Noah off after he bit me once.

     Smith slipped off my sleeve and I tried to catch him which sent a significant portion of the flock away. Wasn’t a big problem for very long, however.

     1:38 to 2:32 One of the nicest feedings ever. After Mandela, Chomsky, Stella [all siblings of that year’s newborn] had gone, Marlon flew up onto the cup and was much more relaxed about it than usual. He still won’t let me stick my hand in to get seeds to feed the others. I was stroking the beaks of Scrapper and Scrapperella. It surprised them, but didn’t seem a big problem. Later Dante came onto the cup and we play/fought for a while.

     They all went up to the top floor fire escape to rest and I decided to try and join them. They accepted me completely. It was really pleasant just to sit quietly among them while they were quiet. Birds everywhere! Later one of the babies (Mozart or Mendelssohn) came down to near where I sat to beg for seeds. I fed him quietly. Nobody was a bit alarmed about me. It’s as if I really am regarded as a member of the flock now.

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