I went into Election Day 2016 certain that we were in for four years of ramped-up globalization, monoculture, and systemic war. I was worried that the globalists were going to sew up the entire world. I knew Trump was evil, but there was no chance that he was going to win, so I wasn’t concerned about him. But he did win—a huge shock. But his victory did clarify a whole set of issues for me.

Who is Donald Trump? What does he represent?

I’ve described Trump a number of times as a “bona fide psychopath.” I don’t mean it as hyperbole. I think it’s true. More than once people have told me that psychopathy is an identifiable medical condition and that without a diagnosis by a mental health professional I shouldn’t make such a claim. I have reasons for my disagreement with that, but I’m not going to go into them in this particular post. Suffice it to say for the moment that I think what we refer to as psychopathy or sociopathy or whatever, is a spiritual, not a medical, condition. A psychopath is someone who has made a private, conscious decision that there is no moral standard whatsoever, that we are free to do whatever we want, and there is nothing to judge it. They have staked their entire being on this belief. Trump is a total egotist who thinks that everybody else—particularly anyone who believes there are any morals—is a fool.

What I think Trump represents is the pre-Age of Enlightenment world of autocratic rule done in alliance with a church pushing a false idea of religion—in this case mostly the evangelicals, but also some right-wing Catholics. Trump clearly sees himself as royalty. It’s a tacky American version of royalty—celebrity with a golden toilet—but royalty nonetheless. The old alliance of royalty and a false religion (I’m not saying there’s no such thing as real religion, but false versions are abundant) was never fully undone by the Enlightenment movement. It was just driven into the background. And now its evil is resurgent.

A lot of people don’t like the word “evil.” They think it smacks of medieval hocus pocus. In contemporary terms, “evil” is “egotism.” Egotism at the level of people like Trump is unwavering. It cannot be overcome by anything that is compromised, which the Enlightenment movement is. The enlightenment philosophies are torn between a love of materialism (development, progress, scientific advancement, “wealth creation,”) and a general notion that we should be good. But its ideas are based in speculation, so there is a lot of disagreement over what good is. I see the West’s ideas as tired and dying. Trump would have never gotten to the position he was in if they weren’t. Trump hasn’t been completely neutered. He’s plotting his return. And if it’s not him, there will be someone else. To stop the Trumps of the world we have to have something that is clearly stronger—strong enough that we can influence his followers if not the ringleader himself. That “something” has been around for a long time—forever really—but we stopped taking it seriously. That’s what this blog is going to be devoted to soon enough: a discussion of what needs to be done.


  1. I wish people could go beyond Trump to the man currently running things– his background, what he does, his speeches, the things he’s causing to happen– in short issues. I realize Trump is planning to run again but I am not convinced he can even get a nomination if people start voting issues and not personalities.

    What have they done, what will they do and beat him that way. As long as people vote on personalities we will get more Trumps and Bidens.

    1. Author

      I think we need to change the culture for that to happen. There is a fascination with celebrity, i.e. personalities, that makes issues of little importance to most people. I think, too, that there is a lack of vitality in the way issues are presented. They don’t grab our attention. There’s a mundane aspect to it all. Somehow, we need to put some flavor back in the salt.

      1. You are right and the entertainment people choose to watch is not helping. As an old woman, I remember when we only had one TV channel but one of my favorite shows, as a child, was Omnibus. What a program with both plays and documentaries. Eventually, it failed but what happened to good entertainment like that and what makes people watch something like the Kardashians? I admit i’ve never seen one of their shows but what I read tells me it’s junk– and there’s a lot more out there like that. Maybe it’s too late for our culture with social media telling many what to think 🙁

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