After a year-and-a-half-long hiatus, I’m finally going back into Bruce Kaphan’s recording studio, Niagara Falls, to work on Street Songs, the collection of recordings that accompanies my manuscript-in-progress Street Song. I don’t want to give out too many specifics prior to the event (I’m a little superstitious that way) but I’m going to be putting some work into two songs: “Street Song” (the title song, or overture, obviously, to the collection) and Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing.” Actually, I’m not going to be doing any work at all other than to supervise another musician’s work on those two tracks. I’ll have more to say about that later. For now all I can say is that it’s someone I’m delighted to be working with.

I’ve been out of the studio since November 2019. Bruce had some other projects he had to tend to, and I was supposed to go back in in March 2020, but then the pandemic hit. I was fine with it at first. What I have left to do mostly is complete my vocals. I’d been having some trouble with my voice, some of it due to aging, so I saw the break as an opportunity to get my voice back in shape. But for the longest time there was no visible end to the layoff, and after a while it became difficult to maintain my focus. The reason all this matters—that it’s worth writing about—is that I’m very happy with the way the project—which was totally unexpected—has been going. For the longest time I was convinced I was through with music forever. Then this burst out. I never could have imagined it. Just like the wild parrots.

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  1. I think a lot of people , and definitely the natural world, had good things come out of 2020. Bizarrely for me, it was one of the best years in my life in many ways. Glad you are having this renaissance.

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