This is the complete text of the song that I sang to Mingus in the film, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

I've been running all over this world,
I just can't seem to keep hold of that girl.
She's so elusive, and I'm so blue,
All of my friends say, "What's ailin' you?"
I get so restless and I can't keep time,
I can't get me no peace of mind.

Well, I've got me a roof and I've got me so clothes
and I eat real good, man, I overdose.
When it gets dark, you know, I turn on the light,
Put on my shades when the sun's too bright.
Every comfort for every clime.
I still can't get me no peace of mind.

Peace of mind, all night I'm walkin' the floor.
Peace of mind, I'm knockin' on your door.

Well, here in the West we're having a feast,
Millions starving all over the East
The Greeks started something, and we feel the hurt
For losing connection with the power of the earth.
Expand your abstractions about space and time,
It still ain't gonna get you no peace of mind.

Peace of mind, I don't know where I have been.
Peace of mind, please come and let me in.

Well, the eagle screeches and the day turns black.
The whole wide world feels the weight of attack.
But don't lose your courage, don't fall on your knees,
Don't give into anger, or feel ill at ease.
Just lay down your weapon as I lay down mine.
We'll make a little movement toward Peace of Mind.

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